Our Mission

The Foundation for America is a non-profit organization facilitating dialogue and informing the public and public policy makers on the growing decline of skilled labor in the United States.

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Ambassador Program

Success in creating ambassadors for corporations and associations is achieved through our three-pronged strategy: cultivate, educate and activate internal human capital.

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Become a Skills Hero!

Skill Heroes are individual members who believe in the mission of the Foundation and seek to engage with the Foundation on a regular basis.

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Why The Foundation for America?

The Foundation for America believes that achieving economic freedom and American innovation is possible through investing in America’s best resource – our people. The Foundation for America exists to educate and prepare American workers, manufacturers, educators, innovators and leaders for an American manufacturing renaissance.

When America returns to a balance between skilled labor and skilled labor needs, we will put more Americans to work, produce more American-made products, spark innovation, grow the economy and re-establish America’s rightful place as the greatest producer of intellect, products and people the world has ever known. We believe this can be accomplished through a three-pronged approach.

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Cultivating and building a coalition of motivated stakeholders

Educational resource to all those in & associated with the manufacturing & trade industry

Activating our educated human capital

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